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Master Diver Lectures (Version 1 – June 2009)

Instructor Notes

A brief guide to using the ScotSAC Master Diver Lecture Pack

1. Introduction

This lecture pack is designed to provide resources for teaching the ScotSAC Master Diver lectures. It contains PowerPoint slides for each of the 8 lectures and has been designed to cover the core subjects of each lecture in a standardised way.

2. Availability

This resource is available free on CD to all ScotSAC branches. Branch members may copy the CD as required for use by their members and instructors. Student lecture notes are also available for free download on the ScotSAC website

3. PowerPoint Presentation

Each lecture topic has an associated PowerPoint presentation with it. These are laid out in a standardised format. This includes an overview of the lecture, key lecture topics with bulleted expansion points, appropriate diagrams and a lecture summary. Many of the slides are animated so they have been provided in a non-editable format. As the presentations contain multiple animations, they are not suitable for printing onto acetate. It is vital that the PowerPoint files are run in MS PowerPoint 2003. Other versions will cause problems with the animation and picture formatting. A copy of PowerPoint 2003 Viewer is available on the CD and does not require a licence. This viewer may be installed on computers in addition to other full versions of MS PowerPoint. Get viewer here.

4. Key points on use of presentation

There are a number of key points the presenter should be aware of when using this resource. All Powerpoint files have been password protected. To run correctly, simply click ‘READ ONLY’ when prompted for password. Many of the slides are animated – often bullet points will come in one at a time to allow the presenter to reinforce each point. They are progressed by clicking the mouse, or pressing the appropriate key on the keyboard. Additionally, there are a number of animated diagrams. These will either appear on a timed delay, or on next mouse click as appropriate. One problem with using standardised slides is the difficulty in telling when you have come to the end of a particular slide. Blue arrows will appear in the bottom right hand corner of each slide once the last bullet point has appeared. On the next click, the presentation will progress to the next slide.

5. Lecture Notes

Also included on the CD is an updated set of Master Diver lecture notes to accompany the Powerpoint lecture series. These are provided in PDF format and a licence free copy of Adobe Reader is included for your convenience. The lecture notes are also available to download.

6. Feedback

ScotSAC welcome feedback from Branches on any aspect of the lectures and lecture notes. This will enable any changes to be incorporated in future versions. A structured feedback form has been included on the CD for return to ScotSAC Headquarters. We hope you find these new training materials a valuable resource for the delivery of Master Diver training. Feedback Form.

If you prefer the simpler life just write us a nice email explaining what you think is wrong / unclear / not-very-well-explained or whatever.

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Lecture Notes and PowerPoint Presentations

The Master Diver Lecture Notes is designed to support the lecture series and practical training led by an experienced trainer.

The following Powerpoint files are available on the CD only:

Lecture 1 - Safety and Emergency Procedures

Lecture 2 - Nitrogen Absorption and Narcosis

Lecture 3 - Advanced Decompression

Lecture 4 - Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Monoxide Poisoning

Lecture 5 - Underwater Navigation and Search Methods

Lecture 6 - Basic Seamanship

Lecture 7 - Expedition Organisation

Lecture 8 - Compressor Operation