Meet the Staff and Volunteers at ScotSAC

Headquarters Staff

Kate Jenkins

Kate is our full time member of staff responsible for all the office admin and financial systems. She is based at Headquarters and is generally the point of contact for everyone contacting us.
Kate Jenkins

Chairman - Iain Graham

Iain learnt the basics of diving with PADI while on honeymoon and migrated happily to West Lothian branch of ScotSAC with his wife Lorraine. A keen photographer Iain has dived the Maldives, Mexico and the Red Sea but still loves Scottish waters. A diver profile of Iain was featured in Scottish Diver Jun 07.

Iain Graham

NDO - Gordon Young - see right



Treasurer - Jim Anderson

Jim joined West Lothian branch of ScotSAC back in 1987 and is now serving his second term as ScotSAC Treasurer. Jim is a ScotSAC Examiner and a keen, talented underwater photographer known internationally for his Nudibranch websites.

Jim Anderson

Secretary - Sandy McPherson

Sandy joined Musselburgh Sub Aqua Club after an intro to diving in the Red Sea. He's a BI and finds teaching divers really rewarding. Enjoys photography and will have a camera when no trainee in tow. Favourite dive sites mostly have wrecks - like the Sound of Mull and Scapa Flow. Branch expedition organiser for the last ten years.

Sandy McPherson

Director - Jack Morrison

Jack's membership of ScotSAC dates back to 1961 when he joined the fledgling Clydebank Branch and knows the organisation better than most. Jack has served as Chairman and Editor of Scottish Diver and describes himself as hopelessly addicted. A diver profile of Jack was featured in Scottish Diver Feb 07

Jack Morrison

Director - Andrew Macrae


Andrew Macrae

Director - Edna Ewan

Joined Grampian Branch in 1991.  Favourite dives are around the coasts of Scotland although I have dived in the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, and the Gulf of Oman.   Edna describes herself as an average diver, enjoying  belonging to a club as much as the diving. She takes the occasional underwater photograph, but sometimes find that a camera just gets in the way of a good dive.  She has been involved in all branch activities and on the Committee for a number of years, holding the post of Branch Secretary since 2005/6.

Edna Ewan
Director - Claire McMurdo  

NDO - Gordon Young

Gordon has been diving since 1995. He is the BDO of one of ScotSAC's largest branches, a position he has held for over 9 years. He is a ScotSAC Examiner & one of ScotSAC's Advanced Nitrox Instructors.
He is a keen Scottish diver and can usually be seen at one of the dive sites most Sunday's.

Gordon Young

NDC Member and National Coach - Graeme Forsyth

Graeme started diving in the mid 90's and has been an active BDO for many years. He is currently National Coach and responsible for leading the team of Regional Coaches. Graeme helped develop the ScotSAC Deep Diving course.

Graeme Forsyth

NDC Member and Deputy National Coach - Ronnie Scrymgeour


NDC Member - Joe Campbell

Joined Hamilton Branch in late 1984 and still there.  A very keen & active diver who triesto dive as often as possible. As a Regional Coach & Examiner with Scotsac he enjoys every aspect of training, and loves nothing better than to see somebody achieve something they previously thought impossible. If he can be of assistance to anyone please feel free to contact him.

Joe Campbell

NDC Member - Alastair McCulloch

Alastair started diving while at St. Andrews University in the days of ABLJs and 60 cu.ft cylinders and was soon training others.  He is a RI and has been a member of the busy Stirling Branch since Feb 2002 and has been their Training Officer for several years.  Likes nothing better than diving on a scenic wall or life encrusted wreck with his ever changing camera rig.

Alastair McCulloch

NDC Member - James Anthony

James joined ScotSAC in 1992 and is a Master Diver and Regional Instructor.
He dives regularly in Scotland and abroad with a particular fondness for the wrecks of the south coast of France.

James Anthony

NDC Member - Alan Purcell

Alan learned to dive with PADI in 1997, and joined the Stirling Branch of ScotSAC in 2008. He is a certified PSAi "cavern diver", has a basic Nitrox qualification and is currently working toward "Master Diver" and PSAi "intro cave" qualifications.
Despite diving in the Maldives and the Red Sea, Alan prefers diving in Scotland and counts the Garvellachs and Meanish Pier amongst his favourite dives to date.

Alan Purcell
NDC Member - Hugh Fraser

Hugh started learning to dive in 1995 with Peeblesshire branch and was BDO of the branch for several years.  He dives mainly on East coast sites around St Abbs, Eyemouth and Dunbar, as well as West coast sites.  He is a Regional Instructor and an Advanced Nitrox Instuctor and enjoys diving whether its wreck, scenic or whatever.  He also enjoys instructing and helping others gain the skills to enjoy the underwater world.

Hugh Fraser