Branch Details

ScotSAC has branches throughout Scotland, northern England and Ireland. If you want to join ScotSAC the map will help you see if there is a branch near where you live. You can get some contact details off the map if you zoom in but there is also a PDF you can download. 

General advice:

The map here gives an indication of the spread of our branches and if you click on the View Larger Map link you'll enter a Google map with all our branch details down the side. You can zoom in to see the location details and clicking on a branch balloon will give you some contact and pool details (in most cases).

Once you've found a branch or two that you might like to join you can find more details in our downloadable branch listing (PDF format) and there you'll get contact details for branch secretaries, branch diving officers etc. Alternatively visit the pool, or meeting place, at the times and days mentioned. Where possible details of the pool session appear after the Branch name in the list but it's probably better to ring first as sessions might be relocated sometimes.

If you want help or advice please contact ScotSAC HQ.

Zooming Advice :

You can zoom into the map using the wheel in the middle of the mouse if you have one. Otherwise you can point to an area and double click your left mouse button and this should zoom in too. If all else fails use the slider on the map to navigate.

No branch near you?

We also offer ScotSAC Direct Membership for existing Members who no longer live within proximity of a Branch or are overseas for example. Membership is by written application.

Please visit our joining page for further information

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