Diving Skills

Need to brush up on diving skills? Here are a few articles to get you thinking about diving and diving related skills.

Boathandling Skills

  • Top of the Cox - Dive, Charles Hood
    The ability to handle a boat is the perfect complement to your diving skills.

Dive Kit

  • Are You Overweight - Diver, Anne-Marie Kitchen-Wheeler
    Did you know that, for every unnecessary kilogram of weight you add to your belt you can use up 10% of your gas supply in compensation? Anne-Marie Kitchen-Wheeler wants us all to become weight-watchers.
  • Diving with Wings - Dive, Charlotte Boan
    When to make the switch from a stab jackets to a wing.
  • The Truth About Drysuits - Diver, Mike Ward
    There's what they tell you in those fancy catalogues, and then there's what divers learn through bitter experience.
  • What a Drag! - Dive, Charlotte Boan
    Configure your kit to reduce drag.

Diving Skills

  • 50 Ways to be a Better Diver - Dive, Charlotte Boan
    From buoyancy to buddies, kit configuration to boat etiquette 50 tips on how to do it better!
  • The Art of Drinking and Diving - Diver, Mark Brill & Laura Harris
    Diving while your body is dehydrated leads to aching muscles, fatigue and even decompression sickness - it's that serious.
  • Buoyancy for Beginners - Diver, John Bantin
    Good buoyancy control is the essence of pleasurable diving. Making yourself perfectly neutral so that you neither float up nor sink renders your diving effortless. So it's a pity that so many divers never seem to master this basic technique, says John Bantin
  • Buoyancy Masterclass - Dive, Charlotte Boan
    Good buoyancy skills separate the real divers from the wannabes. But how do you perfect buoyancy?
  • Coping with Nitrogen Narcosis - Dive, Dr Pete Larkin
    Euphoria or desperation? it Affects us all in different ways. Dr Pete Larkin finds out the truth about getting ‘narked’
  • Current Affairs - Diver, John Bantin
    John Bantin offers his rough guide to tides and currents.
  • Doing It Wrong - Diver, John Bantin
    John Bantin shares 20 of his ripest bloopers, from each of which he gleaned another valuable nugget of experience.

  • Edge of Darkness - Dive, Charlotte Boan
    Diving in low visibility

  • How to Dive in Current - Dive, Charlotte Boan
    A panel of diving experts give tips and advice on how to get the best out of currents and tidal movements.

  • How to Deploy a Delayed SMB - Dive, Charlotte Boan
    Incidents attributed to poor SMB deployment incresed in 2005; here's a step-by-step guide to deploying an SMB from a wreck and from mid-water

  • Setting the Stage - Dive, Charlotte Boan
    A panel of diving experts - Jeff Reed, Clare Peddie and Richard Bull - give their tips and advice on decompression diving.
  • Take a Deep Breath - Dive, Andrew Spooner
    How free-diving techniques can enhance your scuba diving skills.
  • The Subtle Art of Stopping - Diver, John Bantin
    Some divers do, some don't. Make decompression stops, that is. Those who don't may be over-cautious, those who do may become complacent. John Liddiard looks at the dos and don'ts of deco stops.
  • Year of the Lotus - Diver, Jacqui Cozens
    Jacqui Cozens considers an approach to diver fitness and improved breath-control that taps into traditional Eastern wisdom.

Marine Archaeology

  • Are You Wreck Friendly? - Dive, Charlotte Boan
    You may do a lot of wreck diving, but are your skills up to scratch?
  • X Marks the Spot - Dive, Charlotte Boan
    The real world of underwater archaeology.

Marine Life Survey

  • Why Would You? - Dive, Charlotte Boan
    Surveying Carribean coral reefs with Earthwatch
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