ScotSAC Diving Materials

Diving Logbook

Our traditional and ever popular diving logbook, enough to store approximately 100 dive. This is edition 7 and includes up to date Buhlmann tables within the logbook.

Price £6.00 -  P&P included.

Buhlmann Table

Double sided Buhlmann decompression tables printed onto a waterproof plastic. Ideal for carrying in a BCD or drysuit pocket during your dive.

Price £3.00  -  P&P included.

Instructor Logbook

Recommended for use by all Instructors to record details of the training they perform.

Free to Instructors.

Qualification and Record book (replacement)

Edition 14 of our Qualification Book, issued to all new joining Members and includes details of Snorkel Diver, Sport Diver, Master Diver, 1st Class Diver, Branch Instructor, Regional Instructor and Examiner Awards. It also includes space to record details of additional training and endorsements.

Price £6.00 -  P&P included.

Replacement Membership Card following change of qualification

If you have achieved a new qualification since your Membership card was issued, remember to send a copy of the relevant pages of your logbook, countersigned by your Regional Coach to HQ. You will receive a new free membership card on your annual renewal date. If you wish to have your present card updated then there is a price of £10.00 -  P&P included.

Replacement Plastic Logbook Wallet

Vinyl wallet to store Qualification and Record Book, Diving Logbook and Instructor Logbook

Price £4.00 -  P&P included.

Ordering Information

  • Send a cheque or postal order for the total amount, along with details of your order, name, membership number and delivery address to: The Scottish Sub Aqua Club, 1 Redheughs Rigg, South Gyle, Edinburgh, EH12 9DQ
  • Cheques should be payable to The Scottish Sub Aqua Club