Course Overview

This course teaches the use of Air and Air Decompression Tables for dives to a maximum depth of 50m. Whilst the use of Nitrox as a gas for the whole dive or a decompression gas is acceptable by suitably qualified divers the award does not cover accelerated decompression using nitrox mixes of a high oxygen partial pressure as a decompression gas.

There is a charge of £50.00 for attendance at this course which must be paid in advance.

Scope of the award

  • This award will enable you to dive to depths appropriate to the equipment you use, to a maximum depth of 50m
  • The course consists of the following elements:
    • Lectures - A series of lectures will cover material issued in the course manual.
    • Open Water - You will be expected to plan and undertake an open water dive to the satisfaction of course instructors.
  • You will be assessed on all aspects of dive planning, safety and dive conduct.
  • A flash card system will be used to simulate problematic situations during the dive.
  • Competency in overcoming these problems is part of the course assessment.


Continuous Assessment / Workshops

  • Workshops form mandatory pass items of this award.
  • You will be expected to show competence in the use of decompression tables, gas calculations and dive planning.
  • These are skills you should already have if you have completed all prerequisites.


Candidates attending the workshop must provide a calculator, note book or paper and pens for note taking etc.

Candidates being assed in open water must provide, in addition to their basic equipment:-

  • Main cylinder plus a 3L pony
  • Knife
  • DSMB with reel
  • Dive slate to record your dive plan (for use during the dive)
  • Spare mask
  • Back up torch
  • Back up computer or dive timer/depth gauge


All divers must satisfy the following prerequisites;

  1. Hold current membership of the Scottish Sub-Aqua Club.
  2. Hold current medical certificate
  3. Be 18 Years or over
  4. Have been a ScotSAC Sport Diver or equivalent for at least 18 months
  5. Have the recommendation of the Branch Diving Officer
  6. Hold the Dive leader Endorsement or have completed the Dive Leader part of the Master Diver Award
  7. Have attended Master Diver lectures: Advanced Decompression and Oxygen toxicity
  8. Hold the deep rescue endorsement
  9. Have a minimum of 75 dives with experience of a wide range of depths and diving in a wide variety of locations. 20 of these must be to a depth of 31m+ (sport divers to be accompanied by master diver instructors on any dive below 30m)


Deep Diving Recommendation Form

Course Dates

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