First Class Diver Award

Course Overview

The First Class Diver award is the top level diving qualification from ScotSAC. It recognises a wide range of diving and related experience.

Application for the Award

To apply for your First Class Diver Award, please contact ScotSAC HQ using the contact details below.  You will then be issued with the relevant training documentation and stickers which should be inserted into the corresponding pages of your Qualification Record book.

Once you have your documentation in place, you will need to get your Branch Diving Officer to sign off the first 6 criteria in your Qualification Record as you progress through the Award.

Assessment For the Award

To qualify for the Scottish Sub Aqua Club First Class Diver Award, you must meet the following conditions:
You must satisfy all the following 6 criteria

  • Be a current member of ScotSAC
  • Have a current medical certificate
  • Be over 21 years of age
  • Hold the ScotSAC Master Diver award
  • Hold the ScotSAC O2 / HeartStart endorsement
  • Have completed a minimum of 500 correctly logged dives in any waters

You must also have completed any 4 items from the list below:

  1. Hold the ScotSAC Deep Rescue endorsement.
  2. Have attained any ScotSAC instructor award.
  3. Have held an elected position on the ScotSAC Board (or previous General Committee) or NDC or have served as a ScotSAC Regional Coach for at least one year or have held an elected position on a ScotSAC branch committee for at least a total of two years.
  4. Have completed 1,000 correctly logged dives in any waters (this figure to include the mandatory 500 dives).
  5. Boat Handling course.
  6. VHF certificate.
  7. Technical Diving.
  8. Wreck Research.
  9. Diving Physiology.
  10. Extended Depth Diving.
  11. Underwater Photography.
  12. Marine Archaeology.
  13. Marine Biology.
  14. Basic Nitrox

Items 5 – 14 must be a nationally recognised award/qualification

For further information on these 14 items see the 1st Class Criteria Guidance.


When you have successfully completed all 6 mandatory criteria and have them signed off by your Branch Diving Officer, and four of your chosen modules you will need to send your Qualification Record book in to ScotSAC HQ along with copies of the evidence for option modules 1-4. 

Your book will then be signed off by the National Diving Officer and ScotSAC Chairman, and we will have the pleasure of awarding you with the First Class Diver Award.
Please remember, when sending any books to ScotSAC HQ, we recommend sending them by recorded or special delivery to avoid any possible problems with the post.