Junior Snorkel Award

Course Overview

The Junior Snorkel Award forms the first half of the ScotSAC Snorkel Diver Award and is broken into manageable chunks suitable for children.
It covers pool training elements only and the aim is to develop members who have the skills to snorkel in the pool environment.

The award is available to Candidates 7 years and over.

The Junior Snorkel award is delivered within Branches by qualified Branch Instructors. Please note that not all Branches are able to teach this course or accept Junior Members.

Prior to receiving any training towards the award, all Candidates must hold current ScotSAC membership.

There is a small joining fee (which includes a copy of the Junior Snorkel Manual) and a small annual membership fee.

See membership fees


  1. Current membership of the Scottish Sub Aqua Club
  2. Be aged 7 or over

Please Note - Not all Branches of ScotSAC are able to accept Junior Members or deliver the Junior Snorkel programme. Please contact a Branch prior to making any arrangements or membership.

Downloads & Links

Junior Snorkel Training Log>

Elements of the award

There are 11 modules included in the award:

  1. Swimming assessment
  2. Basic Equipment
  3. Buddies and Signals
  4. Using your Snorkel and Mask
  5. Using your fins
  6. Breathing and hyperventilation
  7. Breath holding
  8. Water pressure, ears and sinuses
  9. Swimming and diving underwater
  10. Treading water and putting it all together
  11. Rescuing a snorkel diver