Sport Diver Award

Course Overview

The Sport Diver Award is our core diver training qualification training divers to a standard suitable for diving to a maximum of 30m and in conditions found in Scottish and UK waters.

The Sport Diver Award is taught within Branches of ScotSAC by qualified Instructors and includes elements of theory, confined water training (normally pool) and open water training (sea).

The award is internationally recognised and permits diving to a maximum depth of 30m.

Having completed this training programme satisfactorily, with a minimum of 5 hours underwater, the award may be completed and the trainee may then be recognised as a Sport Diver. The depth limit for Sport Diver is 30m. If wishing to dive in the range 30-40m they must be accompanied with a Master Diver Instructor. The award is effective the date of the BDO signature.

Elements of the award




Pool training

Open water

Open water training



Training notes

Course Dates

Training for this award is conducted in Branches - contact your Branch Diving Officer for further information.

Note concerning Buddy Breathing

Air sharing is included in pool training but is now considered to be unsuitable for shared ascents, except where it is unavoidable. All ScotSAC divers are now required to have a suitable alternate air source (octopus or similar), for use in emergencies, and therefore air sharing should not normally be necessary.

Buddy breathing ascents policy decision

Buddy breathing ascents FAQs