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Want to experience the underwater world; explore shipwrecks, and exciting scenery? The coastline of Scotland offers divers some of the most exciting diving in the world."

Come and join The Scottish Sub Aqua Club (ScotSAC), recognised and supported by sportscotland as the National Governing Body for the sport of diving in Scotland.

We have Branches throughout Scotland, northern England and Ireland. ScotSAC has developed a comprehensive training programme designed to teach members to dive safely and enjoy the seas around Scotland. Training starts in the pool and is of course free to members. Once trainees master the basic safety skills they progress to the open water where the adventure begins in earnest. Very soon trainees can enjoy all the exciting types of diving to be found in Scotland.

It is said that - "if you learn to dive here, you can dive anywhere in the world". Maybe that’s true, but with the wonderful diving to be found here, it will be a long time before you tire of diving in Scotland with the Scottish Sub-Aqua Club.

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4 July

CREDITS - see below.
Scottish Diver for July/August 2014 now available on-line.
20 June
2014 Agm - 24 September: Details and download Nomination Form here.
27 May
Small Ads - For sale: BCD, Fins and Rock Boots.
01 May
Scottish Diver for May/June 2014 now available on-line.
17 April
New ScotSAC Child Protection Policy 2014 - document available from here.
18 March
Scottish Diver for March/April 2014 now available on-line.

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CREDITS - see below.

This site contains many photographs showing Scottish diving at its very best. Credit for these photographs is due to many donors including Don Lees, Jim Anderson and Andy Murray. If you see your photographs on this site, and we've overlooked to credit you, please notify the web editor as soon as possible.